Azure AD Integration for an Australian Retailer

Integrate Supplier Invoices with Enterprise Software for a global retailer to automate payables for  various supplier formats


  • Automate uploading of unstructured files for finance operations on Azure storage
  • Integrate Java Native client with Azure AD
  • Secure and cost effective way to store files on Azure storage


  • Lack of integration between on-premise operations and cloud provider
  • Manual process of uploading files to Azure storage
  • More digital information accumulated overtime


  • Use Active Directory Authentication Library for Java (ADAL4J) to obtain a JWT access token through the OAuth 2.0 protocol
  • Access token is used as a bearer token to authenticate the user when calling the microsoft azure operations portal for the blobURL
  • blobURL is used by Microsoft Cloud Stoage kit to upload the given file to the Storage
  • Register Java Native client application in Azure AD


  • Secure and cost effective solution for leveraging the cloud
  • Easy to use solution designed to maximize value to business
  • Azure storage API-enabled automation
  • Leverage Azure’s computing power and store large amounts of unstructured data

Technology Stack

  • MS Dynamics 365, Java, Active Directory Authentication Library for Java (ADAL4J), Azure Storage, Azure Active Directory, Data Package APIs, Cloud Storage APIs, OAuth 2.0 , Maven, Git.

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