Data Analytics for a US pharmaceutical company

A niche pharmacy company in USA wanted to load terabytes of data files in to the MS SQL server for the analytics of data using Business Intelligence to plan and manage the production and sales


  • Load the terabytes of data in minimum time span
  • Analysis reports of Drugs their Refills and diagnosis codes used by patients across the year
  • Plan and manage the production and sales
  • Analyse the maximum and minimum selling of drugs over the years
  • Drug categories OPIOIDS and NSAIDS used by number of patients


  • Loaded the terabytes of Data from flat files in to the SQL server using SSIS packages and Bulk Insert
  • Optimize time to load data in to SQL server with server configuration
  • Generated bar chart, scatter chart, pie chart reports using power BI tool for the analytics

Technology Stack

  • Server: MS SQL Server 2017
  • Language: SQL
  • Tools: SSMS, Power BI, Data Management tool

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