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We provide generic or customized services involving data analytics & management, predictive and prescriptive analytics. We help customers to develop strategy to translate data into actionable insights to make decisions more efficiently with highly visual representations.
What We Offer?

Enterprise Data Discovery and Management
Enterprise Data Discovery and Management
We help customers to identify all the relevant data from various sources and create, manage, and build automated data flow processes to store data for further processing.
Integrations and Visualizations
Integrations and Visualizations
With the help of data integration and reporting tools we build solution to provide holistic view of data and easy to interpret rich visual dashboards and reports to customers.
We provide service to get actionable insights to help understand growth opportunities and trends using predictive and prescriptive analytics.
Our Experiences

We have the requisite expertise to support client data needs, deliver data enablement solutions, and provide insights via our advanced analytics capabilities.

Enterprise Data Management

Storage of unstructured data to data warehouse
Automated process with SSIS packages
Repetitive data updates on regular intervals

Data Integration and Visualizations

Sales and Budget Forecasts with Power BI
Material Procurement planning with Angular
Drug Usage analysis and recommendation with Power BI and Qlik


Predictive model with Linear Regression
Classification and Clustering
Time Series forecasting Techniques
Explore our recent work

We have served organizations in healthcare and manufacturing industry to help customers with analytics in planning, sales, budget and product performances.

Warehouse system for a US Pharma company to generate Business Intelligence reports

A prescriber call data warehouse system for a US Pharma company to generate Business Intelligence reports. This is to gain insight on the company products volume in the pharma industry by distinct call data constraints. Objectives Automated, Interactive and dynamic reports for complete view of products volume at region level and territory level of call data with drill downs. Compute statistical performance like Net-sales, contribution margin, variable margin, gross margin with extension data of physician call. Auto load the physician call data into data warehouse for real-time data analysis Challenges Lack of integration between data sets to group varied data set values for the fine tune of reports. Mismatch of data attributes for comparison from multiple sources, to combine/aggregate columns of summarized report. Solution Auto load the excel data using SSIS package control flow and data flow Transform and aggregate varied data sources into one data set by considering the common attributes. Create interactive reports, which gives complete view of call data details using Power BI visuals with drill down options. Create measures using DAX to achieve statistical calculations in building the required reports. Benefits Anytime access of analytics report across devices for latest data charts. Removal of manual data load and report generation process to minimize costs. Technology Stack Server: MS SQL Server 2017. Languages: SQL and Data analysis expressions(DAX) Tools: SSIS for ETL process and Power BI

Sales & Budget Analytics For a US Pharmaceutical Company

A niche pharmacy company in USA wanted to build a data warehouse system, generate reports using Business Intelligence to gain insight on the company’s market share, product volumes and sales. Objectives Automate the data load from excel files in-to data warehouse Maintain the history tables for updated and deleted values Create interactive reports for sales and budget with drill-down and filters Solution Load the excel data using SSIS package Control flow and data flow Automate the SSIS packages by scheduled Jobs in SQL Agent Maintain history data using SQL query Interactive dashboard, which gives complete view of sales and budget details using Power BI Implemented the filters such as year-wise, brand--wise, quarter-wise, sales vs budget Created measures using DAX to achieve complex calculations for the required reports Technology Stack Server: MS SQL Server 2017 Languages: SQL and Data analysis expressions(DAX) Tools: SSIS for ETL process and Power BI

Valmee Store Analytics

Valmee in-house analytics demanded intelligent insight and forecast into store’s performance considering orders, sales, revenue, products volume, payments and customer purchase patterns. This needed to be part of Store PWA for ease of use. Objectives Create intuitive dashboards for orders and product sales etc with drill-downs and filters. Integrate dashboards with Valmee Store PWA.

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