Punchout Procurement API for a NZ Company

A leading mining company in NZ wanted to build punchout interfaces for various of its suppliers to complete the procurement process


  • Enable Web Portal administrators to: Configure Punchout
  • Enable the Web Portal user to: Punchout to external catalogues
  • Implement API for establishing the connection with external catalogues and create orders and process orders through EDI using Web Portal


  • Retrieving the Supplier’s configuration based on the Setup Request cXML and receive cXML response to establish connection with external catalogue
  • Interaction with the Supplier’s eCatalogue to Create Orders
  • Persisting of the transactional data into the database
  • Validate the cXML Order Message for errors or success
  • Successful orders processed through EDI
  • Solution leveraged LAMP, GIT and Rest Services


  • Generic solution built to configure external catalogues
  • Seamless integration for Orders to be processed through EDI

Technology Stack

  • HTML, CSS, JQuery, LAMP, Git, CodeIgniter and Rest Services

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