HIPPA Solution for a US Healthcare NPO

Healthcare Services NGO needed a customer facing website with seamless integration with the Salesforce system to provide convenient services, delivering all the support an adult needs from a single trusted source in accordance with PHI and HIPPA.


  • SameAddress Salesforce Integration with WordPress to display registered user information such as personal medical information, appointments, messages and documents in a HIPAA compliant manner
  • Existing SameAddress Website migration from Drupal CRM to WordPress leveraging Salesforce CRM system to provide better services to the users
  • Building an end-to-end DevOps environment to streamline and automate the processes required to deliver SameAddress website while adhering to PHI act and HIPAA standards


  • Utilized Force REST API services to retrieve personal data, services, chatter data and attachments from Salesforce CRM with two factor authentication mechanism
  • Optimized SOQL Query calls to retrieve Data from Salesforce CRM
  • Ensure that no Data from Salesforce is stored on the WordPress server in accordance to HIPAA standards
  • Customized Amazon-S3-Upload Plugin, in order to create Audit logs for dCare Page
  • Upload it into the Amazon S3 Server and also to store all uploads on Amazon S3 Server
  • Applied the Amazon-SES service for all emails getting in and out of the Site. This helped in avoiding the spams with pre-verified email/domains
  • Customized Helpful-Info and Subscriber registration functionality
  • On going maintenance and support
  • Solution leveraged Docker, Git, Jenkins, WordPress on LAMP and AWS environment

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