Enterprise Collaboration Platform for a Malaysian Company

A collaboration tool which allows the members of an organization to connect and share with each other. It fulfills all the work needs which is an easy to use solution, for better business outcomes.


  • Provide an organised digital WorkSpace to plan, structure and execute the work
  • Enabling file sharing, assigning work, set due dates and create to-do lists


  • Categorizing Workspace or ticket with different colors and/or labels for quick identification and search
  • Custom component to add/remove people/groups at WorkSapce & Ticket levels
  • Attachment component for providing or sharing more details with users. User can attach file from local, Google Drive and DropBox
  • HUB component for creating categories,Re-ordering of categories,create tickets and move to different categories
  • Ticket component has Labels, Attachments, Checklists and each can be assigned to individuals or external conatcts
  • Component to attach image at Wall level with built in crop functionality
  • Pagination enabled for WorkSpace, TicketList and Alerts (Activities and Notifications)
  • Framework is enabled with Role based access at page and individual components.
  • Admin module to create organization,roles and external conatcts. Workflow enabled for approvals


  • Provides a very organised, easy to use workspace for the members of an organization to connect and share with other members
  • Provides effective management of work schedule and also provides neat organization of the work details

Technology Stack

  • CodeIgniter 3.x, YII 1.19, jQuery 3.x, Sortable Plugin,Editable Js Plugin, CSS3, HTML5, Jira and GIT

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