Complaint Management Repository for Leading Manufacturing Enterprise in India

This system assists leading manufacturing enterprises in managing customer complaints and tracking preventive actions across their manufacturing units in various countries.


  • Implement a comprehensive CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) system to effectively manage resource usage and solutions across business units, ensuring optimal solutions and cost savings in production.


  • Designed and implemented a structured workflow for efficient management of customer complaints.
  • Initiated preventive actions to mitigate risks and improve processes
  • Provided role-based access for Analysts, Department users, and HOD.
  • Implemented search and filter functionalities to identify similar solutions for current problems based on previously implemented solutions.


  • Efficient management of customer complaints.
  • Mitigation of risks and improvement of processes.
  • Identification of sources of issues and their root causes.
  • Planning and documentation of solutions to avoid the recurrence of similar issues.
  • Single repository for all customers complaints and solutions accessible across business units.

Development Environment

  • Frontend: ReactJS for web and mobile UI development.
  • Backend: Spring Boot Java REST APIs for robust backend services.
  • Apache Solr for efficient search functionality.
  • Django framework for additional backend functionalities.

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