Our full-fledged eCommerce mobility solution, enables businesses to go online in quick time with minimal investments. We offer both Subscription and on-premise options for best possible partnerships.


This solution enables small and medium businesses to launch and manage their eCommerce presence with minimal resources. Any store can register with the platform to create their own unique online market place for greater access to market.

Business Models

Software as a Service
This enables you to go live in a very short time frame and minimal upfront costs. you are charged on monthly usage and number of transactions. We work as your IT partner to get to steady state. You always have an option to migrate the solution in-house.
onsite deployment
We customize, setup all your infrastructure, launch the solution on your premises. We are closely involved until steady state and then hand-over to you team for maintenance.


  • Seller App

    Store owners can manage the order life-cycle, product updates, fulfillment options and analyze customer data all at the tip of their fingers.

    Buyer App

    Store customers can locate nearby stores, view product catalog, manage their cart, place an order, provide store feedback all in a simple and easy to use workflow.
  • Support App

    Propellente's support team can manage store and customer interactions and issue resolutions.

Business flow And Architecture

Process Flow

Stores create an online channel for their products, process orders & fulfilment for customers. Customers get the flexibility to pick & chose their stores based on the location and ratings, view the status of the orders placed & rate their shopping experience.


Seller App

  • Registration Process - Pricing options
  • User Authentication
  • Product Management
  • Order Management

Buyer App

  • Registration
  • Nearby Stores
  • Shopcart
  • Order Management
  • Store rating

Service APIs

  • Auth Module
  • Data Security
  • Caching
  • Logging, Exception & escalation

Support App

  • Stores and Customer Management
  • Payments and Returns
  • Manage Store pricing model


  • Platform customizations
  • Payment Gateways and Address verification


  • JWT
  • Two-step verification
  • Data Security