Case Studies

Our implementations have a unique story, from huge learning curves to demanding timelines and multitude of infrastructure challenges. These give us immense confidence and motivate us to challenge ourselves even more!!

eCommerce Solution for a Small Business

Transform a Small Business online retail presence to an eCommerce platform for ease of business, customer outreach and product updates. Objectives eCatalogue where customer can buy products with ease. Refined quick search & order functionality SEO, Shipping Methods and GST Tax configuration. Paytm & UPI Payment integration for all Customers. Product and Inventory Updates, Customer and Order Management. Google Analytics Integration to understand customer behavior and to increase conversion. Solution Platform built on Magento2.3 community platform Custom theme for both Admin and Frontend, custom plugins for PayTm payment, Product Search and SEO. Custom Banner Slider for Home Page. Configure Admin to suit various needs of the customer like Shipping, and GST Tax configuration. Responsive Website which works on All devices. Custom Reports and Dashboards as part of Admin functionality. Google Analytics and Search Console Account for Website to analyze user behavior and Search terms. Benefits Fast & Intuitive search and quick add reduces the cycle to complete order. SEO plugin where search terms can be added on product, category and Page level. PayTM & UPI Payment Integration on Checkout Page. Google Analytics Dashboard with Information about Live Customers , Top Pages Visited. Responsive Website which can be viewed across all devices. Technology Stack Magento2.x LAMP, PayTm Integration, Docker and Git.

Digital transformation for a European Engineering Services Company

European Engineering Services company wished to transform customer experience on their site, that renders seamlessly on varied devices such as desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Objectives Digital presence that showcases Verolt’s domain expertise in Automotive Mechatronics, HMI & ADAS services A quality implementation to manage their Digital Design, marketing content, development and performance Quick Response time for Videos and minimal loss on image clarity Integrate with Google Analytics to track visitors A Responsive interface that supports common browsers and devices with varying view ports Solution End-End implementation providing design, development and Hosting services with continuous feel for progress updates and interactions Custom Responsive layout with contemporary User Interface and social media presence Optimize website page loads and videos to interactive state in under 5 seconds Integration with Google Analytics, SEO and Cognitive forms Benefits Transformed Digital presence and Social media Integration for live updates Enhanced branding, Analytics and performance Technology Stack WordPress5.2.x LAMP

Sales & Budget Analytics For a US Pharmaceutical Company

A niche pharmacy company in USA wanted to build a data warehouse system, generate reports using Business Intelligence to gain insight on the company’s market share, product volumes and sales. Objectives Automate the data load from excel files in-to data warehouse Maintain the history tables for updated and deleted values Create interactive reports for sales and budget with drill-down and filters Solution Load the excel data using SSIS package Control flow and data flow Automate the SSIS packages by scheduled Jobs in SQL Agent Maintain history data using SQL query Interactive dashboard, which gives complete view of sales and budget details using Power BI Implemented the filters such as year-wise, brand--wise, quarter-wise, sales vs budget Created measures using DAX to achieve complex calculations for the required reports Technology Stack Server: MS SQL Server 2017 Languages: SQL and Data analysis expressions(DAX) Tools: SSIS for ETL process and Power BI

Planning & Analytics Solution – Manufacturing, Germany

Propellente has developed an Delivery and purchase planning application for metal market. An online Procument and Material Delivery planning application to automate manual process. Objectives Capture and embed business rules to provide intelligent forecasts Track the material ordered vs consumed Display daily and monthly basis material usage Interactive UI for collaborative decision making Solution Developed an interactive dashboard, which gives complete view of all materials, like usage, opportunity, savings and open contracts Bar chart on dashboard to track the material ordered vs consumed Used charts, tabular columns with up and down arrow with percentage to indicate material usage to average usage for particular month Technology Stack Laravel 5x, Node 10x, Angular 6x, Docker Ubuntu TypeScript, HTML, LESS and JSON

Digital Presence for a US Engineering Services & Design Company

A US based Engineering Services & Design company wanted to have Digital presence with contemporary design, navigation and Social integration Objectives Create a digital presence for company to showcase the products and engineering services on offer A Responsive design that supports common browsers and devices with varying view-ports Enhance performance using caching and code-optimisation Solution Custom theme for Responsive layout with User Interface customisation Configured Plugins for Creative slider & forms Products showcased using Grid Layout and Services in Tabular format Benefits Targeted Content and revamped User Interface Technology Stack WordPress4.9.x LAMP

Data Analytics for a US pharmaceutical company

A niche pharmacy company in USA wanted to load terabytes of data files in to the MS SQL server for the analytics of data using Business Intelligence to plan and manage the production and sales Objectives Load the terabytes of data in minimum time span Analysis reports of Drugs their Refills and diagnosis codes used by patients across the year Plan and manage the production and sales Analyse the maximum and minimum selling of drugs over the years Drug categories OPIOIDS and NSAIDS used by number of patients Solution Loaded the terabytes of Data from flat files in to the SQL server using SSIS packages and Bulk Insert Optimize time to load data in to SQL server with server configuration Generated bar chart, scatter chart, pie chart reports using power BI tool for the analytics Technology Stack Server: MS SQL Server 2017 Language: SQL Tools: SSMS, Power BI, Data Management tool

Azure AD Integration for an Australian Retailer

Integrate Supplier Invoices with Enterprise Software for a global retailer to automate payables for  various supplier formats Objectives Automate uploading of unstructured files for finance operations on Azure storage Integrate Java Native client with Azure AD Secure and cost effective way to store files on Azure storage Challenges Lack of integration between on-premise operations and cloud provider Manual process of uploading files to Azure storage More digital information accumulated overtime Solution Use Active Directory Authentication Library for Java (ADAL4J) to obtain a JWT access token through the OAuth 2.0 protocol Access token is used as a bearer token to authenticate the user when calling the microsoft azure operations portal for the blobURL blobURL is used by Microsoft Cloud Stoage kit to upload the given file to the Storage Register Java Native client application in Azure AD Benefits Secure and cost effective solution for leveraging the cloud Easy to use solution designed to maximize value to business Azure storage API-enabled automation Leverage Azure’s computing power and store large amounts of unstructured data Technology Stack MS Dynamics 365, Java, Active Directory Authentication Library for Java (ADAL4J), Azure Storage, Azure Active Directory, Data Package APIs, Cloud Storage APIs, OAuth 2.0 , Maven, Git.

Maintain & Support SaaS collaboration platform for Supply chain partners

Maintain and Support a Supply Chain application for global medical instruments manufacturer the provides aids to differently-abled citizens Objectives Enhance and Change requests implementation Flexible offshore team based needs to minimise staff overheads Leverage vendor capabilities to scale-up or scale-down operations in short time-frame Support and Maintenance of Application Challenges ‘As Is’ source-base with minimal documentation Current baseline of features/issues not available Complex and huge system Support and Maintenance of application in quick-time with little or no help Solution Regularly engage with customers and detail the specifics required to resolve the application issues/tickets With short application learning cycle able to support the application quickly Integrate with customer systems and resolve technical challenges Validate solution in Mock Production and quickly move to production environment with minimum or zero downtime Benefits Capabilities to ramp up and down operations in quick time-frame Avoid costly outages and loss of productivity and time Technology Stack GWT, AcitivityBPM, Dozer, Hibernate, Spring Framework, Java, JUnit, PostgreSQL, Liquibase,BIRT Reports, Drools,Tomcat, with Ubuntu OS on cloud.

Punchout Procurement API for a NZ Company

A leading mining company in NZ wanted to build punchout interfaces for various of its suppliers to complete the procurement process Objectives Enable Web Portal administrators to: Configure Punchout Enable the Web Portal user to: Punchout to external catalogues Implement API for establishing the connection with external catalogues and create orders and process orders through EDI using Web Portal Solution Retrieving the Supplier’s configuration based on the Setup Request cXML and receive cXML response to establish connection with external catalogue Interaction with the Supplier’s eCatalogue to Create Orders Persisting of the transactional data into the database Validate the cXML Order Message for errors or success Successful orders processed through EDI Solution leveraged LAMP, GIT and Rest Services Benefits Generic solution built to configure external catalogues Seamless integration for Orders to be processed through EDI Technology Stack HTML, CSS, JQuery, LAMP, Git, CodeIgniter and Rest Services

Enterprise Collaboration Platform for a Malaysian Company

A collaboration tool which allows the members of an organization to connect and share with each other. It fulfills all the work needs which is an easy to use solution, for better business outcomes. Objectives Provide an organised digital WorkSpace to plan, structure and execute the work Enabling file sharing, assigning work, set due dates and create to-do lists Solution Categorizing Workspace or ticket with different colors and/or labels for quick identification and search Custom component to add/remove people/groups at WorkSapce & Ticket levels Attachment component for providing or sharing more details with users. User can attach file from local, Google Drive and DropBox HUB component for creating categories,Re-ordering of categories,create tickets and move to different categories Ticket component has Labels, Attachments, Checklists and each can be assigned to individuals or external conatcts Component to attach image at Wall level with built in crop functionality Pagination enabled for WorkSpace, TicketList and Alerts (Activities and Notifications) Framework is enabled with Role based access at page and individual components. Admin module to create organization,roles and external conatcts. Workflow enabled for approvals Benefits Provides a very organised, easy to use workspace for the members of an organization to connect and share with other members Provides effective management of work schedule and also provides neat organization of the work details Technology Stack CodeIgniter 3.x, YII 1.19, jQuery 3.x, Sortable Plugin,Editable Js Plugin, CSS3, HTML5, Jira and GIT

eCatalog for UK electrical suppliers

Transform a UK electrical supplier online retail presence to an eCommerce platform for ease of business and product updates Objectives eCatalogue used by the wholesale clients EDI integration of product, pricing, inventory & orders Sagepay integration for special clients Refined quick search & order functionality Solution Platform built on Magento 2 community platform Custom theme, custom plugins for login, store-front product quick search & quick order Custom component for Product master import & purchase order Configure admin to suit various needs of the customer Solution leveraged LAMP, Git, Magento 2 CE & custom plugins for Magento 2 Benefits Fast & Intuitive search and quick add reduces the cycle to complete order Bulk upload of products, pricing and stock on need and demand basis reduces manual intervention Technology Magento2.x LAMP, Sage pay and GIT

Re-Design of HIPPA Solution For a US NPO

Healthcare Services NGO needed a customer facing website with seamless integration with the Salesforce system to provide convenient services, delivering all the support an adult needs from a single trusted source in accordance with PHI and HIPPA. Objectives Interactive UI interface where user can view his personal information, create appointments, manage messages, upload documents and watch/download videos from Salesforce Building an end-to-end DevOps environment to streamline and automate the processes required to deliver dCare website while adhering to PHI act and HIPAA standards Solution Leveraged Full Calendar an open source jQuery Plugin so that user can create, edit, view, and add Volunteers to appointments Integrated Open source jQuery Plugin Datatables, where user can upload and view documents and create/delete medical information like Medications, Doctors, Hospitals, and Insurance details Leveraged AWS SDK for Php in Laravel so user can play/download videos Customized Aurelia Gentelella framework using node npm and jspm packages to reduce development overhead Optimized SOQL Query calls to retrieve and Post Data into Salesforce CRM Utilized Force REST API services with laravel dingo rest api to retrieve and post personal data, services, chatter data and attachments from/to Salesforce CRM with two factor authentication mechanism Solution leveraged Aurelia Framework, Git, Laravel, node npm, JWT, Full Calendar, Datatable and AWS environment

Document Publishing automation for a UK Company

A leading Australian company for their UK operations wanted to enable their customers automate distribution of various document types through ‘Print and Post’ or email or fax mechanism resulting in significant savings. Objectives Generic solution for document publishing Automated publishing process Solution Configuration of publishing information for each customer Components/ demons to create the publishing information and send to EDI service provider Component to update information on acknowledgement from EDI service provider Document search component for back end users to check the status EDI Service provider publishes the document as per the detail supplied by the portal Integration between portal and EDI service provider is through file sharing

Magento2 eCatalog for an Australian Company

A leading Australian company needed eCatalogue solution for suppliers to publish catalogues and have thier customers order products with seamless integration of order management with EDI mechanism. Objectives Ready to use business catalogue solution using open source commerce platform Minimal or no customization for new customers Flexible and very easy to use Integrated order, invoice, and shipment management with xml / json data exchange Demand based product, stock and customer updates Solution Open source platforms analysis and recommendation Platform built on Magento 2 community platform Custom blank theme, custom plugins for login, store-front product search, order book mark and display Plugins for order, shipment and invoice management and hand-shake with 3rd party applications using XML and Json data interchange Custom plugins for seamless on demand product, stock and customer information injection into Commerce platform Solution suited for business to business commerce Solution leveraged LAMP, Git, Magento 2 CE and custom plugins for Magento 2

Django and Angular JS with Rest Framework

An online platform for booking hotels and travel to partner destinations for Stealth Startup in travel and hospitality domain Objectives Create a reference platform for mobile and social networks to provide great shopping experience Create Responsive User Interface using Django, Django REST framework and Angular JS integration Application back end to use Django , Python and front end to use Angular JS Data was to be managed by Django framework and front end display using Angular JS , HTML5 Solution Created User Interfaces using HTML5 and CSS3. Created Django Models, URLs, Views and Resources and also updated SQLLite3 DB. Created new REST API using Django REST framework for data reference through Angular JS framework for front end display Set up Developer environment with Linux Seamless integration of Django, Django REST framework and Angular JS framework

Political Campaign Solution for a US Technology Services Company

US based Technology Company needed to enhance its Political Campaign Management platform features and User Interface to be contemporary design and better manage poll campaigns in quick-time to market. Objectives Enhance platform for mobile and social networks to provide one-stop shop for all multi-tenant political campaigns Minimize support and maintenance overheads due to code complexity and redundant code Provide an economical, flexible and effective resources to enable quick time-to-market Solution Design and develop parts of ‘Call Center’ and ‘Email’ campaign module. Implemented and configured Amazon Web Services such as SES (simple email service), SNS (simple notification service) and SQS (simple queue service) using PHP API libraries for pushing notifications and updating the status. Provides a report to management with success, bounced and complaint history of voters. Update existing codebase and provide fix for the issues raised in quick timeframe. Rework request ratio is bare minimum considering some of the tickets needed to update huge number of PHP files Solution leveraged Docker, Git, Jenkins, LAMP, JIRA, Twilio, Slack and AWS environment

HIPPA Solution for a US Healthcare NPO

Healthcare Services NGO needed a customer facing website with seamless integration with the Salesforce system to provide convenient services, delivering all the support an adult needs from a single trusted source in accordance with PHI and HIPPA. Objectives SameAddress Salesforce Integration with WordPress to display registered user information such as personal medical information, appointments, messages and documents in a HIPAA compliant manner Existing SameAddress Website migration from Drupal CRM to WordPress leveraging Salesforce CRM system to provide better services to the users Building an end-to-end DevOps environment to streamline and automate the processes required to deliver SameAddress website while adhering to PHI act and HIPAA standards Solution Utilized Force REST API services to retrieve personal data, services, chatter data and attachments from Salesforce CRM with two factor authentication mechanism Optimized SOQL Query calls to retrieve Data from Salesforce CRM Ensure that no Data from Salesforce is stored on the WordPress server in accordance to HIPAA standards Customized Amazon-S3-Upload Plugin, in order to create Audit logs for dCare Page Upload it into the Amazon S3 Server and also to store all uploads on Amazon S3 Server Applied the Amazon-SES service for all emails getting in and out of the Site. This helped in avoiding the spams with pre-verified email/domains Customized Helpful-Info and Subscriber registration functionality On going maintenance and support Solution leveraged Docker, Git, Jenkins, WordPress on LAMP and AWS environment

SizenFit integration with eCommerce platforms

SizenFit integration with leading open source eCommerce platforms Objectives Seamless integration of SizenFit widget with eCommerce platform to improve conversion rate Analyze and identify the leading eCommerce platforms based on market share in the industry Solution Targeted Magento CE and Opencart products for SizenFit widget integration Setup and configuration of Opencart and Magento CE with plugins & theme shortlisted SizenFit widget integration with Opencart product and product detail pages Customized Magento product list and detail pages to integrate the SizenFit widget Solution leveraged LAMP, SVN, Magento CE, Opencart and SizenFit